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  1. Handicraftswoman, visual artist, sound explorer, researcher and teacher. Their interests move from the understanding of public space and the ways in which it is intervened, inhabited, personalized, invaded and occupied. In her research the concepts of: ornamental, formaless, public, illegal and ephemeral have gained a special meaning that she explores from theory and creation, since different languages ​​and media.


    PhD in Public Art and BA. Fine Arts. As a visual artist she has exhibited her work of pictorial intervention in national and international exhibitions. Since 2011 she combines her work with university teaching and formative research. Since 2014 she has been working with sound experimentation, through various concerns related to the occupation of the natural and urban environment, which has led her to investigate soundscape from the notion of resignification in the landscape and sound cartography. She has shared her research at national events and outside through lectures, presentations and articles. Since 2017, co-founder and member of the Colectivo Lab_Sonido Informal and director of the Laboratorio Mestizo.